Thursday, May 04, 2006

Way to go delivery guy

A Jason's Deli delivery guy just stopped by my office with a big bag of food and a gallon of tea.

DG: "Hi, I'm looking for Meredith."
Me: "There's no Meredith here."
DG checks the ticket on the bag
DG: "This says it is supposed to go to 514 Blocker."
Me: "This isn't Blocker. This is the Bright building."
DG: "Oh yeah. This isn't Blocker."

I should have charged that kid a sandwich for setting him straight. I typically feel sympathy for the lost delivery people on campus, but I could tell this guy was an undergrad with his head planted up his ass. He had no excuse for going to the wrong building other than he was playing with the radio in the car too much as he drove across campus.


Blogger Bubba's Sis said...

You're a tough man, Tim Smith.

10:39 PM  

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