Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Could the spell check be any worse?

The oddities of the spell checker on this site have been detailed on multiple occasions. Wes noted that it doesn't thing "blog" is a proper word. I found another one not too long ago. I'm sorry for not providing links to those posts, but after 5 minutes of searching I've also decided the search feature of the site also is lacking. That is really odd considering all of this is run by the fine folks at Google.

My rant is inspired by the spell checker not giving decent recommendations for "extraordinaire" and "remembered" which I had difficulty spelling tonight. For extraordinaire the checker came up with "extraordinary". Close, but not close enough for my lazy mood. For remembered, which I had spelled "remebered" the only suggestion it had was ramparts. Ramparts? I'm blogging, not waxing poetic about the revolutionary battle I'm witnessing.

Finally, as if I needed more fodder, the spell checker doesn't think Google is spelled properly. I'm sorry, but when you're a big company and you provide a service as one of your first steps toward world domination make sure that the tools you provide know how to spell the company name. It just looks bad otherwise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It probably doesn't think blog is a word either. :)

7:45 PM  

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