Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Great" minds think alike

From an AIM conversation I was having this morning with a research colleague...

(10:36:49) nlthomas99: is that it's not about blame, it's about problem solving
(10:36:54) nlthomas99: f*** who's fault it was
(10:36:56) eimmitsmith: yup
(10:37:00) nlthomas99: get 'er done!
(10:37:00) eimmitsmith: get 'er done
(10:37:02) eimmitsmith: wow
(10:37:06) nlthomas99: that is scary
(10:37:09) eimmitsmith: yeah
(10:37:12) eimmitsmith: really is
(10:37:17) nlthomas99: you forgot the exclamation point
(10:37:31) eimmitsmith: I'm not as fast a typist as you.
(10:37:40) eimmitsmith: no time for punctuation.

Same thought at the same time. Crazy stuff. Maybe other craziness will occur and I'll manage to get real work done today too.


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