Thursday, August 25, 2005

Heat, Humidity, Humanity

The three things that are in abundance this week as all the students return for another school year. I had my first spotting of a Class of '09 shirt today at lunch and am happy to report I didn't break down and cry there in the restaurant.

Next week I begin my 11th year at Texas A&M. A lot has changed since my first day of class in 1995 when I walked into Political Science 205 in CHEM 102 and saw more people in that one room than there were in my entire k-12 school. I won't be taking classes this semester or anytime soon, so the start of classes next week isn't that big of a deal for me other than I'll have to hunt for a parking spot or pray for my life if I bike to campus. It is just a little hard to believe that I've been here and done this for the past 10 years.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

House of nerds

As the new semester approaches and Lidia prepares for her return to school the nerdiness of the house shines through. Lidia went an pulled her laptop out of the closet this week and asked me to get it back up and running for her. That is done now -- the laptop was in a much more workable condition than I remembered it being in -- and the number of working computers in our house now stands at 3. That is right, 3, the same as the number of people living here. I doubt Ana finds herself in front of the keyboard checking her own Gmail account anytime soon (I check the account for her and read her any emails she does have), so it is a bit absurd that we have three. This is what happens when both adults have a laptop and you keep a PC around in case you want to work on a monitor bigger than 15 inches.

3 laptops... 3.4GHz of combined processing power... which is about the same as my mom's PC. I think it is time to upgrade a few of the computers in the Smith house.

One oddity I just noticed. The spell checker doesn't have the word nerds in it. Wes had previously noted that the spell checker doesn't have "blog" as a word. The lack of tech slang in a tool used here is amusing.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Howdy from the kitchen

I've just carried on three AIM conversations in the kitchen while cooking. Thought I might as well post to the blog and take the nerdiness to an entirely new level. Now to clean the grease off the keyboard.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Miss Ana Update

Now that I'm caught up on Harry Potter I can post about things most of you are actually interested in, Ana.

Lidia and Ana are both doing very well. We take Ana to the doctor tomorrow for her two month checkup and first round of immunizations. Something tells me that I'm not going to be ready for the crying baby after the visit no matter what I do. Mom was here the week before last visiting and told me the horror story about my first immunizations... Here's hoping that Ana will be better than I was.

Anyway, while mom was here last weekend we tried to take Ana to Sears to have some portraits made. The appointment fell during the middle of one of her naps and she was not going to have anything to do with us. We left Sears and when we got home Ana had decided she was ready for pictures. The three below are my favorites. She changes moods so fast it is really funny. All three of these pictures were taken within one minute.

I'll try to be better about posting pics in the future.

Happy Ana: Its a nice day and the flowers are pretty. Life is good.

Sad Ana: She grabbed the flowers accidentally and is upset about how the branch hidden in the flowers felt in her hand.

Sassy Ana: Now that she is over the branch she is happy again and is sticking her tongue out because she knows no one has noticed her hand full of flower petals yet. We found them scattered all over the living room floor after we went back inside.