Monday, August 28, 2006

Back in God's Country

I've finished up my stint in Illinois and have returned to A&M for year 12. For those keeping score at home that means that this year's incoming freshman were 7 years old when I walked into Political Science 205 on that sunny day in 1995.

I'll not apologize about the lack of posts for the past month. I had plenty of posts about the students returning to Champaign and crowding town, the students not knowing their way around town or how to use the bus system, the students being some of the worst drivers I've seen, and how my work was driving me crazy. You'll get to read all of those posts this year, it'll just be about TAMU students instead of U of I students and the work will be slightly different. I did sympathize somewhat with the kids learning the bus system since I had done it only a couple months before. However, if you're ever on a bus with a schedule book (which is complete with maps that are labelled with "The Mall" and "Wal-mart") and holding up the bus to ask the driver if this is the bus that goes to the Mall watch out... if I'm on that bus too I may just pound you into oblivion as I release the anger I repressed over the last three weeks.

I'm beginning the semester in the best possible way, sitting at home with my daughter. She caught a virus on Saturday as her special way of saying, "Welcome home, daddy. Here's some vomit to clean so you don't feel left out." She's over it now -- and only vomitted once -- but she's staying at home today because day care has a policy that the tykes should be fever free for 24 hours before coming back to daycare. I'll keep deluding myself into thinking that other parents with real jobs are just as considerate about the health of the other kids. After all, viruses randomly appear through a secret door at daycares, don't they? My daughter has "magically" gotten sick 9 times in the last 10 months she's been in daycare because the germs are just there, not because other parents are lying about their children's health, right? Right. Moving on.

We've been to the doctor, the bank, and the park today, and I get a break while she naps now. Time to wade back into the research.

Driving and bicycling rants will be posted soon.