Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Yup. I'm a yo-yo.

  • Fall 2003 -- Scared by my first physical since high school.
  • June 2005 -- Princess Ana arrives.
  • August 2006 -- Return to family life after summer internship.
  • July 2007 -- Bubba Gene arrives.

My half marathon training this fall postponed the 20+ pounds I gain at every major life event. With no kids or job changes on the horizon it's time to make the final charge at 200.

Today of all days

I got the last of my committee members to sign off on my dissertation proposal and submitted it to the department for their rubber stamp. This is something that can only happen on April Fool's Day. I'm sure tomorrow I'll get the email from OGS, "It appears that your committee used disappearing ink on your title page. You'll need to make the rounds for signatures again." That must be why none of them used the pen I offered them.