Friday, September 19, 2008

The Reason I Work

When the kids wake up in the morning I'm usually the one to get up and get the day started with them. Earlier this week Bubba Gene was sick and I was going to be home with him in the afternoon, so I came in to the office early. When Princess Ana woke up and noticed the change in routine she was very understanding.

Ana: Where's daddy?
Mama: He went to school to do some work.
Ana: Yeah. So he can buy me more dollies.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

A wonderful moment in parenting

Ana just went down for her nap, but not before achieving an important milestone.

Ana: "Daddy, I want my towel."
Me (two minutes of harried searching later): "Ana, I don't know where it is. Try to go to sleep, baby."
Ana: "It's in the seat of my Barbie car."

and there was much rejoicing. Princess Ana now remembers where she leaves things and can tell us! I'm sure this is a very selective communication ability (she's likely been able to remember where they were for some time), but any clue is better than just whining.


Good morning, Ike

The wind hit College Station at about 6, and is still picking up. The local tv station has their most junior weather man outside confirming that indeed, "Things have definitely started picking up. It's really coming down now and the wind is gusting." I don't know why they've got to do that.