Thursday, February 23, 2006

Speedy Speedo

4 posts this week. 2 posts today. Never fear. I promise to crawl back under my rock and fall back to posting irregularly soon.

I'm posting this because I couldn't think of any single person that I think reads this blog that would particularly want to hear my story. Therefore I am making you all suffer through the mental imagery. Warning: If you are eating, about to eat, or thinking about what you'd like to have for lunch/diner then postpone reading this post. I will not be held responsible for someone being hungry.

I now own a speedo swimsuit. I'm about to begin a triathlon training program, and the swimming coach for the program had a "racing swimsuit" on his list of required gear. A question was asked about it and he said that we could train in "baggies" but that would really slow down our times. I'm not a fast swimmer. Yes, I can swim a good distance at a reasonable pace, but I'm not able to come close to the times posted at any competition. I do swim fast enough to notice the drag caused by the baggy suit, but I was skeptical about how much a swimsuit could affect my time. Nevertheless, it was on the required list so I went and bought one. More news on my training after the program starts.

Now that you've all suffered through a paragraph with the mental image of me in a speedo I'll ease your mind a bit and let you know it was the classic racing speedo that has barely enough material to qualify as a piece of clothing, but rather a "jammer" style speedo. Bicycle shorts with a lining basically. Very comfy with enough material to not show my business to the world in a disgusting level of detail.

Tonight was the maiden swim with the new suit, and I am sold on it. Racing swimsuits make a world of difference and they rock. I've been too busy (at least that is my excuse) to make it to the pool in the past two weeks. Therefore, I expected to be slower in the pool. I was amazed to put in much faster lap times. The change in the suit cut an average of 10 seconds off my lap times, which works out to cutting 3 minutes or so from my usual time on a 1km swim -- .621 miles for those that don't use the metric system regularly. Amazing stuff.

So for all those -- not sure there are any in the regular reading crowd -- that swim regularly in a baggy pair of swim trunks for exercise, go buy a racing swimsuit. The difference in what your able to do in the pool is well worth the money.


Blogger katielady said...

Papa has a speedo because he hated the dripping baggy legs every time he got out of the water. And yes, I've seen him in it. And no, it's not bike shorts, it's the little small one you all imagine. Nothing like seeing your father in a speedo. So you might think twice about getting a smaller one and letting Ana see you in it.

Glad it's working out for you though!

7:51 AM  
Blogger roxanne said...

are you going to wear it in the hottub with bubba?

1:28 PM  
Blogger Timmie Smith said...

wear it in the hot tub with bubba? now why would I do something like that?

1:40 PM  

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