Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Gmama and Mac-Mac

We're still a little over three months away from the arrival of Baby Girl Smith, and the funny names have already started. My mom (who has given herself the name G-mama) and sister were in town this weekend to help setup the baby's room. My borther and sister-in-law also came down to help out. The crib and dresser/changing table are in place now, along with curtains and bedding that are awesome! Mom also got us a sturdy cabinet for the telvision so when our little one starts pulling up she won't pull the tv down on her. She is an amazing woman who continues to do so much for us. Thanks, Mom!

Gmama and my sister have already started our little one's wardrobe (sis got the baby her 4th of July outfit already) and have a few small toys for the crib and changing table. One of them is a small yellow duck. When it was purchased I asked Lidia what sound the ducks made in Romanian. I know from previous discussions that dogs make a different sound in Romanian sometimes (they say "hamp hamp" or "woof"). Mom and sis objected to the thought of different sounds in different countries for the same animal, so when Lidia told the group that ducks in Romania say "mac mac" instead of "quack quack" I dubbed the little duck Mac-Mac to irritate them (I'm a great son and borther I know).

So there you have it. G-mama and Mac-mac... and its only March.


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