Monday, January 17, 2005

The government says I can keep her

Long time, no update... my bad.

Lidia and I got back to College Station on January 2 and spent that Monday unpacking and recovering from the drive. We didn't have long to rest though. Thursday, January 6, we went to San Antonio for our interview with USCIS (formerly INS) to prove our marriage wasn't a sham to get Lidia around immigration laws. The interview wasn't really interesting, the agent was able to tell we were a couple so the questions asked were just to verify the information on the application. The agent did make a point of asking Lidia all the questions, including my information, so I guess she didn't make the interview a complete formality. Lidia now has conditional permanent resident status since we've been married less than two years. In two years we'll file one last form, pay one more filing fee, and then she'll be unconditionally permanent and here to stay.


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