Monday, January 17, 2005

It's a girl

Lidia and I went to the doctor for the big sonogram last Thursday (the past two Thursdays have been pretty big for us). I continue to be amazed at the amount of detail that you can see with the sonograms. We were able to see different areas of the brain, the baby's kidneys, stomach, and bladder in addition to the arms, legs, fingers, and toes. It is incredible.

The baby's due date is June 18th. So now we have right at 5 months to get the office reorganized and made into a baby's room. It's going to be great!


Blogger Jody said...

That's awesome! Mark has been telling me about their little bundle of joy and I'm sure everyone is excited about everything. I'm not sure what they're having yet but I'm happy for both of ya'll!

4:15 PM  
Blogger Drew said...

Hey! Congrats, Tim! I wasn't aware of your bundle of joy on the way! We'll have to trade "daddy" e-mails or something, since we're due for our new addition on April 2. Hehe. Anyway, congratulations again, and tell Lydia hi!

8:46 AM  
Blogger Bubba's Mom said...

Tim Smith & Lidia: We are so happy & excited for you! Can't wait for Baby Girl Tim Smith to get here!! I will still be waiting for a grandbaby from Joel B this time next year I bet.

10:49 PM  

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