Thursday, June 07, 2007

Robbed by a two-year-old

Stealing candy from a baby is supposed to be easy. In my house it's just as easy for the baby to steal your breakfast. I had fed the Princess the better part of a bowl of Cheerios this morning before I had to run out the door to catch the bus. As I put together a peanut butter sandwich she was helpfully reminding me of the time. "Daddy go school. Daddy catch bus. Catch bus now!"

I grabbed my sandwich, got hugs and kisses from the Princess and her mama and headed for the door. Just as I crack the door open Ana jumps into full whine mode and come running over to the door. I was expecting a showdown over whether she could go outside. Instead she points to my sandwich and I gratefully hand it over so she can take a bite, thankful that the solution is so easy. She grabs the sandwich, checks it over to make sure I hadn't drooled on it, and then dismisses me with, "Bye-bye! Daddy catch bus!" Robbed blind before I even left the house!

My lovely wife has always held the belief that food on my plate is better and steals bites all the time. Princess Ana has learned this and will come sit with me halfway through dinner and sample my food to make sure she hasn't been given inferior green beans. The blatant theft of an entire meal is taking this to a new level, and I'm not sure I like it. Too bad I don't have a voice in the matter as I'm just the male servant of the house.

In other news, today is Princess Ana's second birthday. Mama will be taking cupcakes to daycare this afternoon so we can get all the other kids loaded up on sugar before they go home. It's a really good thing that we haven't met any of their parents.



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Sounds like a day in my life. Happy birthday to Ana!

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