Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Blind Pig Co.

I made it out to check out The Blind Pig last night thanks to Wes' recommendation.

Since they do not serve food and because I had read way too much hype about the place I started the evening at Guido's. It's a sports bar nearby with rude waitresses that seem to have an aversion for tables of one. No problem though, I moved to the bar and got good service and at least some small talk from a couple of the bartenders. Had a Bass and a surprisingly good hamburger there before heading over to the Blind Pig.

I made it inside just after the group of 30 british car owners doing a pub crawl. Most of these nuts were dressed up in Ren Fair costumes -- I waited for my beer at the bar next to the king and the fat friar. All of them had several annoying strobes that made the place look like a rave. Once they had their two rounds and cleared out the night got much better.

The Blind Pig is cozy. For those who spent time in College Station it is about the same length as the Dry Beam and about 3 times as wide. The bar runs down the left side and they've got small tables down the right side. The lighting is poor enough that the decor doesn't matter, but good enough that you can read the beer list and notice that there is a deck of cards somehow stuck to the 20-foot ceiling -- magic was the explanation given by the bartender since that was the explanation he was given.

After 9 they have two bartenders -- when I arrived there was only one poor guy trying to get 30 flashy weirdos drinks -- who are very friendly and will help you find a beer you'll like. The list below is what I had. I'll definately be back there over the summer for more great -- and very reasonably priced -- beer this summer.

König Ludwig Weiss -- the lighter of the two beers pictured.

O'Fallon Wheach -- Peach wheat beer. Just about the only thing peach flavored I've ever liked.

Two Brothers Domain DuPage -- one of the last pints from the cask. I never knew room temperture beer (cellar temperture of 55 degrees actually) could be so good.

Buffalo Bill's Brewery Orang Blossom Cream Ale -- This one wasn't on tap, but The Blind Pig also keeps a large selection of bottled brews on hand. I heard several folks ordering this one and thought I'd give it a shot. A very light beer -- Coors Light may be heavier -- with a sweat orange taste. Great summer beer.


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Glad to hear that the Blind Pig didn't disappoint!

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