Saturday, August 11, 2007

Running an Errand

It looked like the perfect morning for a solo run. I was slipping on my shoes and chatting with mama and Bubba Gene when we head Princess Ana start beating on her door. I wasn't about to run off and leave mama alone and outnumbered by the riff raff, so we unfolded the jogging stroller and the princess and I took off.

There's no way I could push the stroller for the originally planned four miles, so I decided to take a suggestion from a recent issue from Runner's World (a good magazine even for a casual jogger like myself). We ran down the back streets to the Albertson's and picked up the almond extract I need for some baking today. We took a short break in the air conditioning while Princess Ana had a donut and I got my espresso fix. We loaded up and ran back home.

It was a productive idea. Mama got a break and princess got some early morning sun. I got my caffeine fix, a needed ingredient, and an easy workout. We'll definately do that again when Ana wakes up before I get out the door.

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Blogger Katie Lady said...

Excellent! Sounds like a good father/daughter activity.

1:14 PM  

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