Monday, November 22, 2004

Fightin' Texas Aggie Card

This afternoon I went through the A&M recarding process. The University realized a number of years ago that issuing student identification cards with the student id number the same as the student's social security number wasn't a good idea. I don't have strong opinions on the subject, I just realize the potential for abuse in the system and am glad the University did something about it. The final step in the University's process is to issue a new identification card to everyone, faculty, staff, and student. The process was painless enough for me. It is rainy today, and at 4pm on the first day of recarding for graduate students no one was in line. It took five minutes to take a new picture and print the new id.

I'll miss my old id. It had character. Over the years the A&M student id card has changed several times, evolving into the clean and generic Aggie Card. My old id was maroon with a picture of the Academic building in the background. In my opinion it looks a lot better than my new id. I will get used to the new id, not a big deal. However, I will miss the badge-like effect my old id had around campus. It was an id that was recognized for its age and let all those that saw it know just how long I had been here. If it didn't get me a little revered treatment it at least was a good ice breaker.

The best example of this was this year as I was entering Kyle Field for the game against Kansas State. I got my id out to show the gatekeeper and the guy in the crowd next to me exclaims in an awe-struck tone, "Man, you are old!" "I'm class of '02 and though I'D been here for a long time." This effect is what I will miss. Now I am just one of the mass again with my plain, white, "Aggie Card."


Blogger Bubba said...

Man you are old. If only you had the all white card that was last issued to the Class of '98.

9:09 PM  
Blogger Wes Raine said...

I remember when you had to upgrade from the ID that we were issued our freshman year. That was hard at the time, so this must have been like losing the last of your undergraduate innocence. Though I am glad to hear that they have phased out the Social Security Number as your ID Number. Identity fraud is way to easy already without using your SSN for everything else.

10:22 PM  

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