Thursday, December 02, 2004

Swimming in Boredom

Lidia and I made it back from Thanksgiving in the Panhandle without any problems despite the DPS being thick as flies on Highway 6. It has now been 18 months since my last speeding ticket. Whoop! The break was very good.

After hearing rave reviews by friends Mike and Wes I went and picked up a copy of The Da Vinci Code on my way out of town. I managed to finish it in 3 days with considerable break for stuffing myself and hanging out with my family. A good book, though a little predictable in some places.

When I wasn't holed up in my parent's office reading I was usually eating too much. I managed to gain 4 pounds over the break. I'm trying to drop that weight quickly by swimming every day since it has gotten too cold to bike to school. Yes, I am a wimp and know 45 degrees is considered warm by some of you. I can live with that.

My work at school right now is writing some mind-numbingly boring documentation. When I was writing a description of my work for the past two years it was ok because it was work I had done and a good explanation is important for others wanting to use the code. Now I am writing a specification for the tests I am about to write that will verify that the other code is correct. There is nothing more mundane in software engineering than writing test case descriptions. By lunch I usually do feel like I am swimming in boredom.

Finally, Mike made a comment on his blog about the rise in the number of blogs being kept by his friends. He suspects that communication between friends will devolve to a series of blog posts that the entire group will read. Gone will be the day of a phone call or an email not CC'ed to at least 5 people. I know that even as little as I update this blog it is still more frequent than I emailed or called most people reading this before I started blogging. I see this blog as a place for me to post additional rambling and rants that I probably wouldn't pass along in an email or phone call. My calls and emails are infrequent enough as is that their volume will not be affected by this blog. That sounds terrible, and it is. I don't keep in touch with any of my family and friends half as well as I should. I promise I'll work on that in between trips to the pool.


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