Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hit and Run Update

Three weeks ago I completed my first 10-k Race. That was the immediate reason for the past run related posts. My training went well, and race day was a big success. I was fourth overall, second male finished, and first in my age group. That netted me my first award for an athletic accomplishment since a 6th place sack race finish at an elementary school track meet.

The next big race is the Houston Half Marathon, and my training officially kicks off tomorrow with a rest day -- the perfect way to start a program. Since I've run twice in the past three weeks (race recovery and a long cold have been my excuses) this first week of training is going to hurt. Anyone looking for a good laugh in College Station next Saturday can come out and watch me try to run the eight mile long run.



Blogger Kate :) said...

tim...for what it's worth...i am proud of you. :) even though i'm not yet running again (stupid heels), you do give me a lot of motivation. so thanks. :) maybe i'll be able to finish a 5K or 10K without dying sometime in the next 6 months. :D you rock!

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