Saturday, November 24, 2007

Having our cake and eating it too

The unthinkable has happened. Two wins in a row over Texas AND Fran has stepped down from his position. While I'm a bit disappointed that I never got the angry mob to help run Fran out of town on a rail -- you can ask Bubba and Wes about how long that pot of ire has been stewing -- I'm glad to see him go without taking a large buyout with him. Part of the statement by Bill Byrne does make me raise an eyebrow though.

"One thing I would like to say at this juncture concerning the private email incident. We now have reviewed all of the information available, and have taken what we think are appropriate actions on behalf of this institution. With regards to Coach Franchione, we are now convinced that he did not intentionally, knowingly, or directly participate in actions that were inappropriate or in violation of rules or policies. We do believe that Coach Franchione was guilty of inadequate supervision and oversight."

I read this as the letter of admonishment issued against Coach Fran being rescinded. Coming out and saying "He didn't do anything wrong, he was just mismanaged" without following up with, "and I take responsibility for that and will take the following actions to make things right." seems underhanded to me. Clearing Fran's name was probably part of the departure package, but the need for someone to be held accountable for the newsletters isn't diminished. If Bill Byrne says it happened under his watch because he didn't run a tight enough ship, then he also needs to say what he's going to do to correct it. Unfortunately, most Aggies, myself included will settle for 2-of-3 today and be happy we beat Texas and Fran is out of the picture.

Wes has a write-up with some criteria for selecting the next coach. I don't follow football well enough to add to the criteria. I'll just sit back and second guess "Dollar" Bill.


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