Saturday, July 16, 2005

Midnight Harry Potter release a flop at Albertson's grocery store

Yes, I already have my copy of the latest Harry Potter book. No, I was not dressed in costume last night when I went to get it. I picked it up last night just after midnight from Wal-mart. I did have other reasons to go shopping then... we had run out of diaper pail liner, and that is a must have item in our household.

The topic of the post seems like a no brainer, but every store in town that sold books was open at midnight last night to keep from missing out on any potential sales. Albertson's however, managed to drive me away to Wal-mart. A real feat of poor customer service.

I wanted to go to Albertson's to pick up the liner and book. I was in there earlier in the day and heard them announce they would be open an hour late to sell the Potter book. The night shift staff at Wal-mart is not my favorite group of people to interact with, so I was willing to pay a buck more for the book. I got to the store and as I was approaching the door a clerk waiting at the door asks me, "So, are you here for Harry Potter?". "I'm here for that and a few other things," I reply. "We're only selling the book. If you're not here to just buy the book then we're closed."

Allrighty then, see you later. The first time an employee of the store has directly turned down my business. Store managers should explain to the unfortunate employees that if the people buy more than the book then that is more money for the store, and I believe Albertson's may do profit sharing, so it is more money for them. If the store manager did actually keep the store open for an hour longer and actually setup the policy, then someone needs to take him aside and explain simple marketing to him and what a lead-loss item is... though I suspect the book isn't a lead loss for them.

I got my book and diaper pail liner, paid the Wal-mart cashier who was sitting on the counter chatting with her fellow cashier, and came back home. They might not be the most professional, but at least this time they weren't chasing customers away at the door.

I've read the first chapter. So far, so good. Now to do my best to do some school work and not kill the entire afternoon reading. I don't need another episode like I had with the Da Vinci Code... two days of reading only.

Ya'll have a good weekend. If you have the Potter book, happy reading. If you don't, call your twelve year old nieces and cousins and ask them how it is... or just wait until my report next week. :)


Blogger Kate :) said...

tim said pooter book...sounds like an entirely different book all-together. :)

12:20 PM  
Blogger katielady said...

Shameful Albertsons' employees! But, why do you think they work at Albertsons? I look forward to your review soon! ;)

Bubba thinks they are kids books....we need to convince him otherwise.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Timmie Smith said...

Oops, I did say pooter. Fixed now.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Bubba said...

There is nothing better than midnight in WalMart. Ahh, the memories. Did you go to Wally World or the CS trash verson?

6:29 PM  
Anonymous shells said...

well i guess you were right. a novel about a novel...;-) hope it's a good book. i'm still waiting to read the da vinci code. :-[ (and the fourth harry pooter.) ;-)

9:06 AM  

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