Sunday, May 15, 2005

On a more positive note

And now for something completely different...

0. (Yes, I just thought of something I wanted at the top and I'm too lazy to renumber. Computer scientists usually do start counting from 0, but I'm not going to pretend that I was that smart this morning.)

My cousin Leah graduated from A&M yesterday with her Master's an Bachelor's in Accounting. For those keeping score at home that is the third of my cousins to start school and graduate from here before me. She even got two degrees. The fourth cousin will be starting A&M in the fall. If I don't beat her out then something is wrong and you can all ridicule me for it... assuming you don't already ridicule me for being here for 10 years.

1. The semester and my class are over. I got my A. No incomplete this time around.

2. We went to see Marsha Ball at the Starlight Music Series last night. A gorgeous evening to sit outside, have a picnic, and listen to good music.

3. Lidia managed to guess her mother's day gift in advance. Her birthday gift a few weeks before was the first gift she didn't guess or find in 30 seconds when given a chance to look. She did still manage to harass me enough to give the gift to her early.

4. Lidia and Ana are both doing fine. The baby has really grown in the last few weeks and her moving now is keeping Lidia up a little at night. Only 4.5 weeks until the due date. We're only a two weeks from the baby being considered full term. The baby can come anytime after Lidia's appointment on the 24th and they'll deliver the baby instead of trying to stop labor. We're getting so close!

5. While things have wrapped up a little for me and slowed down this weekend at least -- the next can of worms was opened last Thursday and I'll tackle it tomorrow -- Lidia is still studying for her qualifying exams for the math PhD program. She was accepted earlier this semester and has been studying hard since last fall. The tests are May 26 and 27. Hopefully the baby will give her mommy a break and at least wait until after the tests to come. We'll keep her and love her whenever she does decide its time though.

6. The Ags play Baylor today at 2. I don't have my Sunday meeting because the profs are all busy grading and will all be going out of town tomorrow. It is going to be a beautiful afternoon at Olsen Field!


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