Sunday, February 19, 2006

A break from the insanity

One year ago today I was at home, happy, drinking, eating thin mints, and watching the Daytona 500. Today I am no so lucky. My Sunday code review meetings have lasted one year, and I'm sitting up at campus in my office while a submeeting is occurring -- the profs are discussing the budget for a proposal they're all putting together so I excused myself. No Daytona, no thin mints (they're at home in the freezer though), and -- as far as anyone with an official position at this fine university is concerned -- no booze. The work is interesting, but I'd rather be on my couch being a redneck right now.

Update: On another note, I have officially attended a class this semester. This past Thursday was the first class meeting. I presented along with a research colleague. It went ok, but I still have to present next class (which will be 2 weeks from last Thursday) to finish covering the material. It also looks like I'll have to present another topic as well unless I get lucky and it is covered by a classmate. Given my luck today, I'll put my money on me having to present the topic.


Blogger Shells said...

i feel it is my duty to point something out to you, oh lover of the thin mints. you might already know this BUT the friendly elves at keebler now make grasshopper cookies which are, in fact, thin mints that you can get even when those pesky girl scouts aren't trolling the grocery stores! :-D they're awesome!

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